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First of all, if we are talking about businesses, we need to consider the different ways they use social media platforms to communicate with their audience, announce new product launches, etc. If we make social media disappear tomorrow, almost immediately each and every business out there has to cease their digital media marketing campaigns, and with it bid a silent farewell to any chances of laying their hands on new clients. Secondly, if we are thinking about the situation from the point of view of the social brands, then a huge portion of their profits is derived from the branding and corporate advertising campaigns that are undertaken by most profit-seeking entities across the globe. If these activities are stopped completely, then the social networking companies will be left (almost) penniless. Hence, we can safely conclude that social media and business establishments complement each other. It’s like they are brothers, from different mothers – period!

Social media marketing basically helps a business to improve communication with existing as well as potential customers. Once a business is taken to the social platform, individuals directly related to the company gets a real opportunity to participate in working of the organization. They can express their feelings about products and services provided by any particular agency. Moreover, if feedback is used in a constructive way, it gives every businessmen ample opportunities to improve the quality of his products/services.

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